I wear out fairly easily.

It isn’t difficult, actually — I work two jobs and am putting myself through school, plus the whole “trying to have a social life” thing. You know, everyone has those days where the only thing that they can think is, “How long until I can get back in bed?” For me, that seems to be most days.

I think I’m getting tired of diabetes, too. I forgot to pack test strips on a little 2-day beach trip I took last week and, instead of freaking out and having my prescription transferred so I could get more or just buying enough to get by, I just guessed. (I did pretty well, actually, with only one major low, but that’s not the point…) I know I shouldn’t be doing that and maybe it’s just the vacation mindset, but I honestly didn’t care. I wasn’t even considering diabetes my first priority, and that’s kind of upsetting. This December will be my third diaversary, and I suppose a little burnout is to be expected, so I’m not too terribly worried, but the real question is: how do I re-energize the diabetic area of my life? I’m a little burnt out on everything right now, so maybe it’s a direct correlation situation, but it’s not great either way.

My endo asked me what my treatment goals were when I was diagnosed, and I could only think of one thing. “I want to live to be one hundred years old,” I said. And it still remains true — cure or no cure, I want to eventually be one hundred years old. I think it would be awesome to get that 75-year Joslin medal. Like, really awesome.

I just need to find a way to motivate myself to keep heading towards that goal. Maybe with chocolate. Yeah, chocolate.

I do like chocolate. 🙂