Nice work if you can get it.

I am so done with night shift.

I’ve been on full-time night shift for over a year and half at this point, and I’m just tired. I know, I know, I should be tired, I work at night. But it’s more than that; my body is just tired. I’ve been having these weird inexplicable high BGs lately, like those but-I-didn’t-eat-anything-so-why-am-I-high kind of BGs. I think it might also be in response to the flu shot I received on Saturday night, but I don’t usually have this much trouble. I honestly think that my body is trying to tell me something by giving my work schedule a big EFF YOU, GTFO. My disease’s attitude is seriously getting out of control — maybe it needs a time out. (Wouldn’t that be nice, though?! Just for one day…)

So, long story short, I’ve applied for an internal transfer to become a per diem version of my current position, which would allow me to pick my own schedule (excellent), work while going to school (also excellent), and finally go back to day work (MOST EXCELLENT). I hope the that this works out, because I’m just ready. My main worry is adjusting my basal rates again — Dr. Z has me on a flipped schedule, so my highest basal is during the wee hours of the morning when I eat my mid-shift meal, and the lowest basal is during mid-afternoon when I sleep. I’m not one of those pump users that just adjusts her own basal rates (yet), so I’m nervous about going through the readjustment period again.

I’m also very nervous about giving up my health insurance. Unfortunately, per diem staff do not get the option to elect for health insurance (I’m not too too upset about it because my work’s plan is really expensive for someone on my salary). Fortunately, I fall into that group of young people who are now covered on my parents’ insurance until age 26 regardless of circumstance. I’ll be covered until August of next year, and by then I will know which nursing school I’ll be attending and can decide what the game plan will be.

I’ll definitely miss that flex spending plan, too. Oh well.

But I need to do this. Just another one of these life situations where my mindset is don’t care, this is what I want, it’s going to work no matter what. I’m so past accepting no for an answer.

I have accepted, though, after duking it out with the insurance company for the first time last month (that’s another blog post entirely), that if I don’t grow a pair and speak up for what I need from work, insurance companies, life in general… I’m not going to get it. Case in point: my manager is so happy that I’ve found something that may work better than the current situation. I wish every PWD was as lucky as I am.

Oh nice work if you can get it.
And you can get it — if you try.

Be well. 🙂


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