One year later.

I feel the need to pick this blogging thing back up.

I’ve had a number of revelations lately that I’d like to share, plus, I’m now working on my second year of being diabetic. I find that the second year of anything (college, relationships, making car/rent payments, etc.) is a time of huge growth, in which you take the things you learned the previous year and either repeat them ad nauseum because they worked and were awesome, or you vow to never repeat them again because they were an epic, horrible failure.

Diabetes-Related Things I Did in 2011 That I Will Not Repeat in 2012:

– Waiting too long to order pump supplies (Duh, Alyssa. Big duh.)
– Ever taking my local pharmacist and pharmacy techs for granted. (They. Are. Amazing.)
– Feeling sorry for and/or being too hard on myself.
– Letting numbers rule my life.
– Worrying too much about The Future.
– Ever ever EVER letting diabetes ruin my day. (Though the temptation is definitely there.)

Non-Diabetes-Related Things I Will Not Be Repeating in 2012:

– Working night shift because I’m pretty sure it’s SLOWLY KILLING ME. (This is still a work in progress.)

I spent the majority of this year cycling between feeling happy with my diabetes, and intense short periods of hopelessness and self-loathing. I mean, let’s be honest, in 12 months, I had to take 23 years-worth of (albeit irresponsible) living and taking care of myself, and throw it out the window. You know the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, I don’t know about old dogs, but I think I’ve developed a whole new repertoire of tricks this year. But let’s not forget the good things that have come out of my December 2010 diagnosis: weight loss, better eating habits, lower A1C, my zippy green pump… I could go on forever.

I’m so proud of my progress this year. My endo tells me all of the time that he wishes all of his diabetics were as goal-minded in their first year as I have been. Growing up surrounded by diabetes allowed to me to simply accept my new situation and move on. I hope that when/if one of my children ends up being diabetic (genetics says it’s very very possible), I can help him/her have a similar experience. I have a lot of plans, and I’m expecting diabetes to keep up with me, and not the other way around.

So here’s to you, 2011. I wasn’t sure what to expect from you, my first year as a diabetic, but I’d say we’ve had a good run. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about the disease, and the wonderful DOC. The insight, knowledge, and experience that exists in the online diabetes community has helped me achieve so much success this year, and I am eternally grateful.

Here’s wishing everyone happiness and health in the new year. 🙂