Number 9.

Introductory blogs, IMHO, are all the same. My name is ____, I’m x amount of years old, and I’m writing a blog for you to read. Blah blah blah.

I have Type 1 diabetes (T1).

It’s a relatively new development. I’m Number 9 in a family with a long history of T1 and other assorted autoimmune deficiencies and issues. My mom and my brother have T1 as well.

I was diagnosed December 3, 2010. I had been feeling horrible for about a week, and when I came home with vision so blurry that I couldn’t read highway signs, my mother tested me and it was 395. Not too bad, but family history and growing uneasiness made us take that evening trip to the ER. I remember when both my mother and brother were diagnosed, at ages 36 and 11, respectively. I remember how scared the rest of us were. I remember wondering who was going to be next.

And now it’s my turn.

I’m finding it difficult to connect with other 20-somethings that have this disease, especially the newly-diagnosed. I created this blog with the (vain?) hope of networking with T1 diabetics like myself, and maybe learning some things about myself along the way. Any and all input is welcome, and I’ll update ad frequently as possible.

Be well!


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